VANILLA - internet services, simple.

About Vanilla

Vanilla provides simple, affordable internet services for discerning Internet users in South Africa. We've been doing this since 1996 - you can trust us to get it right.

Vanilla connects you to the internet through the three primary networks in South Africa. These are the fastest and most reliable networks, namely Internet Solutions, MTN Business which is used by many major companies and SAIX, the Telkom network.

Vanilla also orders and bills for adsl physical lines, hence no need to struggle with Telkom, just do everything through us!

Vanilla gives you a choice of easy to use services - you pick what you want and only pay for what you use. No complex bundles. No long-term contracts. No credit checks or red tape. We guarantee 99% uptime and the security of our systems.

Vanilla keeps everything as simple as possible


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